Ordering from the AIF Project

The AIF Project can supply for a fee printouts of material held on the database. There are two types of printouts, both of which are included in the fee: one which contains all the information on an individual on the database, and the second a consolidated statement of service in the form of a frameable, non-official certificate.

The first type of printout can be enhanced in two ways:

  1. by supplying additional information such as date of birth, and/or date of death and place of burial, or
  2. by supplying additional detail obtainable for the personal file of an individual held at the National Archives of Australia.
Many such files have been digitised and can obtained on the Archives web site or individual enquirers may have obtained photocopies of such documents. If such material is forwarded to The AIF Project, additional information can be extracted, added to the database, and the hard copy returned.



Examples of 'enhanced' entries can be viewed by clicking on the names of VC winners; examples of the frameable certificate can be viewed by clicking on names from the Durrington Cemetery or West Wyalong.

Order Form

Click here to display the AIF Project Order Form. This is not an electronic form: you should print it, complete the details and then mail it to the AIF Project at the address shown on the form.