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What these men did nothing now can alter.
The good and the bad, the greatness and the smallness
of their story will stand. Whatever of glory it contains
nothing now can lessen. It rises, as it will always rise,
above the mists of ages, a monument to great-hearted men;
and, for their nation, a possession forever.

– C.E.W. Bean, The Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918, vol. VI, p. 1096


The information contained in this database has been compiled from a variety of publicly available sources. Details of personal background and military service may offend or cause disquiet to some searchers.

The AIF Project has not made any attempt to censor this material, but presents it as part of the historical record. Those who search the database should bear in mind the concluding words of the official historian of the AIF, C.E.W. Bean.


Entries of this database are copyright. They may not be reproduced in any form without the express permission in writing from The AIF Project. In particular they may not be displayed on any other website without permission. Images on the homepage are Wikimedia Commons uploaded from


Many of the sources used in constructing this database differ in various details (spelling of names, dates etc). While every effort has been made to reconcile differences and to correct obvious errors, some of the data conflicts and it has not been possible to resolve all differences.

The personal dossiers of individual members, now held by the National Archives of Australia, Canberra Office, are the authoritative record for details of military service. Medal entitlements are recorded on each dossier.

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