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June 1917 Reinforcements

AWM Roll number: 14/42/3

  1. From Sydney, New South Wales on board HMAT A14 Euripides on 31 October 1917

18916ADAMS, John WattsSydney, New South Wales
18917ARMOUR, MelbourneSydney, New South Wales
18919BAKER, William SalisburySydney, New South Wales
18918BALE, Albert HenryCessnock, New South Wales
18920BARKER, ChristopherSydney, New South Wales
18921BASS, Samuel Norman CharlesSydney, New South Wales
18995BASSETT, Ray CharlesCanowindra, New South Wales
19076BEDFORD, Randolph EdwardHampton, Victoria
18872BELL, HarryIpswich, Queensland
18861BLOOM, Henry MontagueBrisbane, Queensland
18923BRIGGS, John EdwardSydney, New South Wales
18871BRIMS, George William JamesMaryborough, Queensland
18922BROWN, George HunterSydney, New South Wales
18873BROWN, Thomas EdwardSandgate, Queensland
18925BRUCE, Frederick LigginsSydney, New South Wales
18924BRUMFIELD, Herbert Edward RoeSydney, New South Wales
19046BURNS, Horace PaternosterCamberwell, Victoria
18926BUTTON, Herbert WilfredSydney, New South Wales
18927BYRNE, Frank Theodoresydney, New South Wales
19068CAHILL, AlexanderLeongatha, Victoria
18928CAMPBELL, ReginaldSydney, New South Wales
18929CAMPE, Alfred CharlesSydney, New South Wales
18930CARRUTHERS, JohnSydney, New South Wales
19092CARTER, Gerald Bayleycc/o Miss Deruitt, 'Girrahween', Tumberumba, New South Wales
18931CHAPMAN, Hedley Ernest BurchfieldSydney, New South Wales
19067CHESNEY, Norman WilliamMelbourne, Victoria
18932CLARK, Ernest ArthurSydney, New South Wales
18933CLARK, WilliamSydney, New South Wales
19047CLINTON, Peter JosephHawthorn, Victoria
19074CLUTTERBUCK, Wolfrey Henry116 Errard Street, Ballarat, Victoria
18935CORRIGAN, Keith HamiltonNewcastle, New South Wales
18936COURTNAY, EdwardSydney, New South Wales
18874COX, William RennieAyr, Queensland
19048CRAGGS, William LeslieSydney, New South Wales
19097CRAMOND, Warne HuttonSydney, New South Wales
18937CURTIES, Alfred JohnEast Maitland, New South Wales
18879DAW, FrederickCairns, Queensland
18875DAYTON, ElmerBrisbane, Queensland
19098DESBOROUGH, Geoffrey JamesSydney, New South Wales
18880DONNAN, William JosephLismore, New South Wales
19049DOWELL, George SlaterLipson, South Australia
19050DROWLEY, Henry GrahamFitzroy, Victoria
19051FAGAN, John Albert'Auburn', 78 Malin Street, Kew, Victoria
18938FEATHERSTONE, OsmondSydney, New South Wales
19069FIDOE, Norman ThomasTatyoon, Victoria
19095FLYNN, Edwin HoltSydney, New South Wales
19096FLYNN, Edwin HoltSydney, New South Wales
18939FREDERICKSON, WilliamSydney, New South Wales
19085GARVEY, Patrick JosephSydney, New South Wales
19052GAWLER, John StevensSurrey Hills, Victoria
18863GAYNOR, James PaulMackay, Queensland
19053GELLARD, John Kellow'Chester', North Castlemaine, Victoria
18940GIBBS, Walter charlessydney, New South Wales
18941GOODALL, Thomas BurtSydney, New South Wales
18942GRIFFIN, ArchibaldSydney, New South Wales
18876GUEST, Ernest GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
19054HAMILTON, George WellingtonBroadford, Victoria
18877HAYTER, JamesBrisbane, Queensland
18943HERBERT, Arthur CharlesHornsby, New South Wales
18944HIBBERD, William NathanielRiverstone, New South Wales
18945HICKS, Alfred JamesTamworth, New South Wales
18946HOLOHAN, William PatrickSydney, New South Wales
19055HOWLETT, Charles WilliamMelbourne, Victoria
18947HUMBLEY, ReginaldSydney, New South Wales
18948JANSEN, Robert JosephSydney., New South Wales
18949JONES, Albert WallaceSydney, New South Wales
19101JONES, WaltonSydney, New South Wales
19099KANE, Michael FrancisBallina, New South Wales
18950KELLY, Robert Hugh AltonHarden, New South Wales
18951KEMP, Ernest WilliamSydney, New South Wales
18878KENNY, WilliamClaremont, Queensland
18952KERCHER, Percy Leonard EdwardGoulburn, New South Wales
KERSLAKE, George KnightPerth, Western Australia
18953KNIGHT, Leopold Emanuelsydney, New South Wales
18955LEECH, Robert JamesShepherdstown, New South Wales
19070LEWIS, Hugh LloydHobart, Tasmania
18956LUDOWICI, HectorSydney, New South Wales
18957MACKAY, William George HoodSydney, New South Wales
18958MACLEOD, Boyd Alex CunninghamTumberumba, New South Wales
19071MALSEED, Stewart JamesBendigo, Victoria
19086McARTHUR, StanleyManly, New South Wales
18959McCORQUODALE, AlexanderSydney, New South Wales
18960McKAY, William AlfredWest Maitland, New South Wales
18961McWILLIAM, Russell JohnSydney, New South Wales
18962MILLAR, Oswald CharlesSydney, New South Wales
19057MILLS, John WilliamMelbourne, Victoria
18964MITCHELL, David CraikSydney, New South Wales
19058MORGAN, Albert JohnYarraville, Victoria
18864MORRIS, Philip ReginaldMackay, Queensland
18865NICOLL, StewartTownsville, Queensland
18966NILAND, William MartinSydney, New South Wales
18866NINNESS, James WilliamLismore, New South Wales
18867PANK, EricTownsville, Queensland
18968PATERSON, Joseph EdmundSydney, New South Wales
18969PAUL, William JosephSydney, New South Wales
18970PAXTON, WilliamNewcastle, New South Wales
19059PETERING, Ernest WilliamMurtoa, Victoria
18971PROBERT, Arthur clydeNewcastle, New South Wales
18972REIN, Wilfred IsadoreSydney, New South Wales
18973REYNOLDS, William CharlesSydney, New South Wales
18974ROBERTS, Raymond DavidSydney, New South Wales
18975ROBEY, BrianSydney, New South Wales
19100ROSE, Frederick EdwinSydney, New South Wales
18868ROSS, Charles GordonBrisbane, Queensland
ROSS, George PercyBendigo, Victoria
19060SANDS, Gordon90 Frederick Street, Brunswick, Victoria
19061SANDS, Reginald Alexander31 Champion Street, Middle Brighton, Victoria
19090SAUNDERS, John HenrySydney, New South Wales
19102SHARP, Samuel SydneySydney, New South Wales
18978SHAW, Thomas AlexanderSydney, New South Wales
18979SHEPHERD, GeorgeManly, New South Wales
19088SHEPHERD, WilliamSydney, New South Wales
18981SKOVRONSKI, JosephSydney, New South Wales
19078SMITH, George JamesGeelong, Victoria
18982SOMMERLAD, Kenneth AugustusHornsby, New South Wales
19089STEWART, John BrownSydney, New South Wales
19062SULLIVAN, James Francis73 Wilson Street, Moonee Ponds, Victoria
19077SWYNY, Roy AlfredMelbourne, Victoria
19151TATTERSALL, Herbert75 Gloster Street, Subiaco, Western Australia
18983TEDDER, Marwoodsydney, New South Wales
18984THOMPSON, Nathan ChaseLord Howe Island
18985TILLEY, Clement NormanSydney, New South Wales
18986TROTTER, Colin Jamessydney, New South Wales
19063TURNER, George ArgoCaulfield, Victoria
19064VINCENT, Robert CollierMelbourne, Victoria
18987WALKER, HenrySydney, New South Wales
19065WALTON, Edgtar LongshawMelbourne, Victoria
18988WARREN, Everard IngleSydney, New South Wales
19072WEBB, MartinBendigo, Victoria
18989WENDELL, Leander LudwigNewcastle, New South Wales
18869WHITMEE, Henry JosephBundaberg, Queensland
18991WILLIAMS, Charles LythgoeSydney, New South Wales
18992WILLOUGHBY, Percival WilliamSydney, NSW
18870WILLS, Oliver GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
18994WILSON, Gower ChaseLord Howe Island
18993WILSON, Wilfred Theodore JamesSydney, New South Wales
WRIGHT, Alfred RichmondCroydon, New South Wales
19152YOUNG, Leonard ClaudePengelly, Western Australia

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