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47th Battalion, 6th Reinforcement

AWM Roll number: 23/64/3

  1. From Brisbane, Queensland on board HMAT A74 Marathon on 27 October 1916

2611ABBS, Bertiec/o Mrs R Low, John Street, Maryborough, Queensland
2613ALLIE, LindsayBrisbane, Queensland
2614ANDERSEN, Andrew ChristianMorningside, Brisbane, Queensland
2612ANDERSON, Andrew RobertToowoomba, Queensland
2615ANDERSON, John William GordonBrisbane, Queensland
2616BAKER, John AndrewBrisbane, Queensland
BARNES, William Johnc/o W C Batt, Norman Street, Wooloowin, Brisbane, Queensland
2620BARRY, JohnCharleville, Queensland
2618BAYNE, AndrewChurch Road, Zillmere, Brisbane, Queensland
2624BECKMAN, IdricGeorge Street, Bundaberg, Queensland
2626BELL, William JohnCairns, Queensland
2622BERRY, Christopher JamesToowoomba, Queensland
2771BILLETT, Albert Charles JacobToowoomba, Queensland
2625BLACKMAN, Fred JossCairns, Queensland
2621BOOTLE, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
2619BOYLE, Walter WilliamEdmonton via Cairns, Queensland
2623BRITTAIN, William Jess KnoxRockhampton, Queensland
2628BROOKS, Harold VincentBrisbane, Queensland
2779BROWN, William EdwardCairns, Queensland
2780BULLOCK, Leslie JohnBrisbane, Queensland
2781BURNS, WilliamRockhampton, Queensland
2629CARR-BOYD, George WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
2774CARTWRIGHT, JamesBrisbane, Queensland
2748CAVANAGH, Charles ClementBrisbane, Queensland
2773CHADDOCK, Robert Gordon KennethBrisbane, Queensland
2637CHAPMAN, Albert HumphreyBrisbane, Queensland
2631CLARKE, CharlesBundaberg, Queensland
2634CLOSE, John AlexanderGeorge Street, North Rockhampton, Queensland
2776COLLIE, Frank HaroldBrisbane, Queensland
2632COLLIER, Douglas StanleyO'Connell Terrace, Valley, Brisbane, Queensland
2635CRAIG, Thomas HenryRockhampton, Queensland
2775CRAVEN, Robert JamesTownsville, Queensland
2638CROCKETT, Frederick RaymondLismore, New South Wales
2778CROWDEY, Horace EdwardTownsville, Queensland
2633CUNNINGHAM, Ernest RobertKey Street, Bundaberg, Queensland
2636CUNNINGTON, Horace Daniel SydneyPrincess Street, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Queensland
2643DALGLIESH, John RobertBrisbane, Queensland
2640DICKENSON, CurwianCairns, Queensland
2641DONNELLY, Augustine StanislausCairns, Queensland
2642DOYLE, Robert WilfredToowoomba, Queensland
2639DUTTON, JosephEliza Street, Clayfield, Brisbane, Queensland
2769EBZERY, ChristopherToowoomba, Queensland
2644EDMONDS, SydneyBrisbane, Queensland
2648FINDLAY, David GrayBundaberg, Queensland
2646FLANAGAN, William Vincent270 Denison Street, Rockhampton, Queensland
2647FORMAN, GeorgeHanran Street, Townsville, Queensland
2645FRENCH, George HenryTownsville, Queensland
2649FULLERTON, JamesBrisbane, Queensland
2650GERBER, AdolphMarburg via Ipswich, Queensland
GIBBS, Alfred Charles HardimanToowoomba, Queensland
2652GODWIN, CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
2654GOODSALL, RobertMusgrave Road, Red Hill, Brisbane, Queensland
2655GRANT, DudleyBrisbane, Queensland
2651GREGG, William ErnestCairns, Queensland
2653GRIMES, VincentRoma, Queensland
2754GROVES, John EdgarRockhampton, Queensland
2788HANSEN, Rasmas MartinBrisbane, Queensland
2666HAYES, George MatthewMiles, Queensland
2662HENLEY, Joseph AlexanderBrisbane, Queensland
2664HENZELL, RoyToowoomba, Queensland
2663HETHERINGTON, George FrederickBrisbane, Queensland
2660HIGGINS, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
2657HOARE, MichaelCharters Towers, Queensland
2665HOSKING, William BarleyEmerald, Queensland
2786HOWARD, AlfredVictoria Street, Mackay, Queensland
2656HUND, FrederickToowoomba, Queensland
2661HUNTER, CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
2667HURLEY, PatrickEmerald, Queensland
2659HURMAN, Archie AldertonTownsville, Queensland
2755JAMES, William HenryBrisbane, Queensland
2669JOLLY, ArthurLismore, New South Wales
2674KEARNEY, Martin LyonsCairns, Queensland
2668KEENAN, John PatrickCarlton Terrace, Manly, Brisbane, Queensland
2767KELLY, WilliamToowoomba, Queensland
2672KEYS, ArtherCharleville, Queensland
2671KING, SydneyBundaberg, Queensland
2675KIRK, DavidLismore, New South Wales
2670KNEATH, Andrew CameronKuranda Boarding House, Petrie Bight, Brisbane, Queensland
2676KORAYSH, PaulBrisbane, Queensland
2680LENEY, Alfred HenryBrisbane, Queensland
2678LETCHFIELD, George JohnRockhampton, Queensland
2677LEWIS, Francis PatrickBrisbane, Queensland
2901LINNEHAN, JamesFlint Street, North Ipswich, Queensland
2686MARTELL, William
2757MARTIN, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
2681McALLISTER, William JohnSouth Street, Charters Towers, Queensland
2759McFADYEN, James ThomasRockhampton, Queensland
2689McGREGOR, David MuirBrisbane, Queensland
2694McLENNAN, Hugh GordonCloncurry, Queensland
2690McMULLEN, William LaidlyRoma, Queensland
2691MELLIFONT, Patrick James DavidRoss Street, Newstead, Brisbane, Queensland
2682MILLER, FredBrisbane, Queensland
2683MITCHELL, Charles BraidwoodBrisbane, Queensland
2684MORRISH, George RubinBrisbane, Queensland
2685MOSES, WilliamCharleville, Queensland
2692MUIR, Thomas HannahBond Street, West End, Brisbane, Queensland
2794MULLEN, Joseph HenryMiles, Queensland
2696NICHOLS, Stanley Livingstonec/o G H Nichols, Wattle Street, Hendra, Brisbane, Queensland
2697NUNN, Charles LeslieCharleville, Queensland
2787O'BRIEN, EdwardHamilton, Queensland
2751O'BRIEN, Terence PatrickBrisbane, Queensland
2712O'SULLIVAN, JeremiahOsborne Hotel, Ann Street, Valley, Brisbane, Queensland
2784O'SULLIVAN, JohnHayden via Toowoomba, Queensland
2698PARR, George HenryBrisbane, Queensland
2699PATCH, Noel James StanwayMackay, Queensland
2783PETERSEN, JuliusToowoomba, Queensland
2777POWLEY, Thomas *Cairns, Queensland
2750PRESTON, John SamuelEmerald, Queensland
2700PRICE, Oliver Winscher5th Street, Railway Estate, South Townsville, Queensland
2701PRINCE, George EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
2707RAMSBOTTOM, ErnestBrisbane, Queensland
2703REEVES, Joseph WilliamLismore, New South Wales
2709RICHARDSON, WalterTownsville, Queensland
2746RILLEY, HerbertBrisbane, Queensland
2705RILLEY, John AlbertBrisbane, Queensland
2702ROBERTSON, George RobertBrisbane, Queensland
2793ROBINSON, AlexanderClifton, Queensland
2708ROSS, GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
2725SCHMIDT, William GordonBrisbane, Queensland
2772SCORGIE, John AlexanderBrisbane, Queensland
2715SIMONSEN, ErnestBrisbane, Queensland
2711SIMPSON, WilliamTownsville, Queensland
2718SMITH, CharlesLismore, New South Wales
2782SMITH, Patrick ChristieWarwick, Queensland
2713SMITH, Percy NormanBrisbane, Queensland
2723SMITH, SearlLismore, New South Wales
2721STEWART, Andrew GormonBrisbane, Queensland
2792STONE, Charles Edward FrancisSunny Bank, Queensland
R608STRANG, John Thompson Fletcher
2710STUART, John WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
2720SUBLET, GeorgeRoma, Queensland
2727THEODORE, AustinRockhampton, Queensland
2729THOMAS, Simon RobinBrisbane, Queensland
2731TIERNEY, David JamesTownsville, Queensland
2726TOFT, Arthur StanleyWalla Street, Bundaberg, Queensland
2730TOOMBS, Albert Edward GeorgeRockhampton, Queensland
2728TURNER, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
2745WALSH, EdwardFletcher, West End, Townsville, Queensland
2732WARD, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
2747WARREN, William RichardTownsville, Queensland
2737WATERWORTH, Gordon BirtTownsville, Queensland
2736WATERWORTH, Lindsay CarmelRockhampton, Queensland
2733WATHEN, Archibald MathiesonBrisbane, Queensland
2741WEITZEL, Alfred SydneyToowoomba, Queensland
2764WHITE, ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
2739WILLIAMS, EdwardRoma, Queensland
2738WILSON, RobertBundaberg, Queensland
2734WINTER, GeorgeToowoomba, Queensland
2742WISE, Joseph HenryBrisbane, Queensland
2740WITTON, Geoffrey ForbesBrisbane, Queensland
2743YOUNG, PercyBrisbane, Queensland
2744ZORNIG, William HermannBrisbane, Queensland

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