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5th Battalion, D Company

AWM Roll number: 23/22/1

  1. From Melbourne, Victoria on board Transport A3 Orvieto on 21 October 1914

678BANKS, James15 Erica Road, East Prahran, Victoria
633BAXTER, Robert123 Wilson Street, Brunswick, Victoria
635BEVERIDGE, William
717BINGHAM, Roy Christol14 Nimmo Street, Middle Park, Victoria
661BIRCH, William Henry198 Clarke Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria
644BISHOP, Stanley Howard
240BLISS, Theodore William
1076BOOTH, Arthur
1079BRISLIN, BertieBell Street, Coburg, Victoria
743BROWN, Percy John114 Rathdown Street, Carlton, Victoria
709BUDD, Albert Edward258 Ross Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria
699BUXTON, John Robert177 Beaconsfield Parade, Albert Park, Victoria
632CAMPBELL, Robertc/o Mrs Ritchie, 203 Montague Street, South Melbourne, Victoria
734CAREY, Andrew82 Nelson Road, South Melbourne, Victoria
CAUGHEY, Alexander RossiterOronsay, Millicent Avenue, Toorak, Victoria
664CHAMBERS, George Gilmore
1018COLLYER, John Clements LeslieYallock, Koo Wee Rup, Victoria
682CROCKETT, Rowland HenryNumurkah, Victoria
637CROOKE, John Edward James59 Fitzgerald Street, South Yarra, Victoria
631CUFF, Richard Ambrose374 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria
702DALE, George ThomasToora, South Gippsland, Victoria
1017DOIDGE, Williamc/o Mrs Porter, Raglan Parade, Warrnambool, Victoria
736DONALD, Vivin De BurghClyde Villa, Tennyson Street, Sandringham, Victoria
707DOWNER, Charles283 Ross Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria
649EGAN, Austin FrancisOrderly Room, Albert Park, Victoria
725EHRENBERG, Samuel Morris8 Kerferd Place, Albert Park, Victoria
653FALCONER, Norman12 Marshall Street, Stanmore, Sydney, New South Wales
639FENWICK, George Colbert224 Latrobe Street, Melbourne, Victoria
1086FISCHER, Henriech Frederick297 Cecil Street, Albert Park, Victoria
679FOYLE, Alfred James400 Montague Street, Albert Park, Victoria
714FRASER, Charles Crowley19 Walsh Street, Coburg, Victoria
694GARWOOD, Frank
693GIBSON, Edwin John27 Park Street, South Melbourne, Victoria
695GIBSON, Roy Alexander105 McKean Street, North Fitzroy, Victoria
724GOODALL, Stanley Gordon404 Coventry Street, South Melbourne, Victoria
726GRAY, HaroldSt Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria
659GREIG, Oswell Wilkin42 Marine Parade, St Kilda, Victoria
729GRIGSON, Edmund Douglas10 Moubray Street, Albert Park, Victoria
680HADDOCK, AlfredHastings, Victoria
640HAMPTON, Reuben Lucius110 William Street, Newport, Victoria
685HANSOM, Arthur118 Bridport Street, Albert Park, Victoria
710HARDING, William Henry239 City Road, South Melbourne, Victoria
HASTIE, Thomas67 Spensely Street, Clifton Hill, Victoria
629HATTRICK, Douglas Walter262 Queen's Parade, Clifton Hill, Victoria
719HAWKINS, Frederick Walter1 Bevan Street, Albert Park, Victoria
669HEALAND, Stephen JohnWestern Reserve, Warrnambool, Victoria
1020HEYWOOD, John FrancisWonthaggi, Victoria
641HOOPER, Henry88 Mills Street, Albert Park, Victoria
675HORSBURGH, JamesNyora, South Gippsland, Victoria
689JACKSON, George11 Leslie Street, St. Kilda, Victoria
738JOHNSTONE, Donald Wallace32 Council Street, Clifton Hill, Victoria
651JORDAN, Thomas Johnc/o Mrs Batties, Fitzroy Street, Footscray, Victoria
1101KEE, Joseph Edwin226 Gordon Street, Footscray, Victoria
666KELLY, Charles84 Harold Street, Middle Park, Victoria
677KELLY, Rodger14 Powlett Street, East Melbourne, Victoria
722KERR, Henry James104 Station Street, Fairfield Park, Victoria
708KING, John156 Albert Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria
728LABESKA, Louis98 Edward Street, Brunswick, Victoria
665LEWIS, Albert Robert39 Roy Street, Albert Park, Victoria
716LING, John Thomas4 Harold Street, Middle Park, Victoria
706LUSIC, Victor Matthew278 Richardson Street, Middle Park, Victoria
LUXTON, Daniel AstonShakespeare Grove, Hawthorn, Victoria
684LYONS, Frederick Henry24 Phillipson Street, Albert Park, Victoria
720MACKAY, Harold George
1022MADDER, Charles StanleyAlbert Street, Maryborough, Victoria
703MAKIN, George Leslie91 Harold Street, Middle Park, Victoria
658MARKS, Alfred8 Beaconsfield Parade, St. Kilda, Victoria
686MARTIN, Wilfred11 Foote Street, Albert Park, Victoria
1078MASON, George AlfredEdwin Street, Alphington, Victoria
1023McCALLUM, John LloydDevenish PO., Victoria
845McCULLAGH, Harold OrphensYoung Street, Brighton, Victoria
642McKENNA, Henry55 Buckhurst Street, South Melbourne, Victoria
646McMILLAN, Johnc/o Mrs Smart, Little Page Street, Middle Park, Victoria
648MEIKLE, William ThomasBurwood, 4 Munro Street, Armadale, Victoria
696MICHIE, Charles Samuel506 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy, Victoria
690MILL, James Barnett260 Bridport Street, Albert Park, Victoria
630MILLER, JohnSalvation Army, Melbourne, Victoria
671MORRIS, Leonard FrederickL8 Browning Street, Moone Ponds, Victoria
712MORROW, Henry9 Wright Street, Middle Park, Victoria
681MUGG, Frederick WalterHughes Street, North Unley, South Australia
723OLLE, Frank JPenshurst, Victoria
634PARKER, Frank48 Albert Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria
740PARKER, Percy Arthur51 Evans Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria
704PARKER, Thomas Storer271 Richardson Street, Middle Park, Victoria
650PERKINS, Ernest Charlesc/o Mrs Edwards, 11 Fitzroy Street, Footscray, Clifton, Victoria
1021PHELAN, Thomas Henry31 Errol Street, West Footscray, Victoria
647PINCHES, Arthur George25 Park Road, Middle Park, Victoria
670PROVIS, Robert Leslie114 Napier Street, South Melbourne, Victoria
662RAWLE, Percy200 Pickles Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria
730RAYMER, Charles Wesley212 Albert Road, Albert Park, Victoria
731RAYMER, Harry4 Raglan Street, South Melbourne, Victoria
727RAYSON, George Harold15 Page Street, Albert Park, Victoria
1016REABURN, William37 Laura Street, Brunswick, Victoria
737REIDY, Henry Joseph159 A'Beckett Street, Melbourne, Victoria
692RING, William John9 Ward Street, South Melbourne, Victoria
663ROHAN, Edward5 St. Vincent Place, Albert Park, Victoria
683SANDFORD, Thomas Herbert72 Barrett Street, Albert Park, Victoria
697SEXTON, Charles Alexander24 Railway Avenue, Malvern, Victoria
718SNEESBY, Clarence Gordon61 Bridport Street, Albert Park, Victoria
711STANNUS, Leonard46 Bendigo Street, Prahran, Victoria
688STEWART, Leslie17 Wington Street, Ascot Vale, Victoria
705STIRLING, Gordon William89 Merton Street, Albert Park, Victoria
668STOBAUS, Ralph Gustav55 University Street, Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria
638THOMPSON, Douglas William10 Bennie Street, Brunswick, Victoria
656THORBURN, John MylesKerrie PO, via Romsey, Victoria
660TOBIN, Frank37 Moubray Street, Albert Park, Victoria
667VERNON, Charles48 York Street, West Richmond, Victoria
652WALLACE, Charles
657WATKINS, Harry83 Stephenson Street, Richmond, Victoria
700WATSON, James Brown
983WEST, CharlesAthletic Club, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria
673WHITTAKER, Charles LPrimrose Street, Moonee Ponds, Victoria
698WINSOR, Fred AlecPoath Road, Oakleigh, Victoria
645WOOD, Edwin DuttonAshted Road, Box Hill, Victoria
674YOUNG, George HenryNorma Parade, Ascot Vale, Victoria
143YOUNG, William2 Lorne Road, Auburn, Victoria
721JONES, Hubert Cromwell Warwick

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