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9th Battalion, 24th Reinforcement

AWM Roll number: 23/26/5

  1. From Sydney, New South Wales on board HMAT A33 Ayrshire on 24 January 1917

7193ANDERSON, Robert CairnsCairns, Queensland
7194ANDREWS, Adrian OliverCairns, Queensland
7196AUTON, ThomasRockhampton, Queensland
7212BARCLAY, JamesMaydowns via Julia Creek, Queensland
7344BEAVERSEN, Joseph WilliamTaringa, Queensland
7198BERNHAGEN, AugustEsk, Queensland
7202BLACK, William JohnSydney, New South Wales
7204BLAIR, James GibsonProserpine, Queensland
7205BLAKE, Henry HezekiahMackay, Queensland
7345BLATCHFORD, Percy ThomasAspley, Queensland
7201BODEN, Edgar MorrisonCairns, Queensland
7203BONNER, Alfred HenryLincoln Hills, Queensland
7200BOURNES, Edward Keating YoungValley, Queensland
7211BREDE, Arthur HerbertKybong, Queensland
7199BROMHALL, Arthur ClarenceCairns, Queensland
7208BROOMFIELD, WilliamDareel, Queensland
7206BROWN, Albert Edward ChristianUki, New South Wales
7209BROWN, Ernest ThomasTownsville, Queensland
7207BROWN, John DavidBrisbane, Queensland
7210BROWN, WilliamDarwin, Northern Territory
7357BUCHANAN, George McLeanBrisbane, Queensland
7354BURMAN, Malcolm WilliamIpswich, Queensland
7221CADDOCK, James SamuelDeeral, Queensland
7222CANDLISH, JohnGeorgetown, Queensland
7226CARSELDINE, David GeorgeLinville, Queensland
7227CARTER, Edward JohnBanana, Queensland
7228CARTER, William RobertWyuna Station, Queensland
7220CLARK, Lawrence EdwardCairns, Queensland
7346CLARKE, JosephPaddington, Queensland
7229CONDON, Francis Joseph AloysiusPioneer Bridge, Queensland
7213COOMBS, FrankKangaroo Point, Queensland
7214COOPER, Leslie IsaacToowoomba, Queensland
7215COPLEY, Wilfred MichaelMitchell, Queensland
7219CORK, John CharlesRichmond, New South Wales
7361COSTELLO, John ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
7224COUCH, SydneyCloncurry, Queensland
7216CREIGHTON, Herbert EdgarCharters Towers, Queensland
7225CROSSLEY, William FrancisCloncurry, Queensland
7217CULLINANE, GeorgePrairie, Queensland
7218CULLINANE, Thomas FrancisCharters Towers, Queensland
7236DALE, Sydney GeorgeStockwell, Queensland
7233DALY, GeraldGympie, Queensland
7235DE LEACY, lsaac MorganCharter's Towers, Queensland
7234DEENEY, JackBundaberg, Queensland
7230DON, Leonard St ClairCasino, New South Wales
7231DREW, CyrilBowen Hills, Queensland
7232DREW, Henry EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
7238EDWARDS, Roland ThomasCharter'S Towers, Queensland
7240ELLIOTT, Henry Phillip SydneyCloncurry, Queensland
7241ELSON, Henry MitchellMackay, Queensland
7239EMBLEN, Charles ArthurLongreach, Queensland
7242EVERSON, ErnestMacleay River, New South Wales
7245FALTHFULL, George HeadleyBrisbane, Queensland
7243FARR, David LewisRockhampton, Queensland
7247FORD, Charles LyttonBrisbane, Queensland
FORWARD, Edward JohnCairns, Queensland
7248FRASER, DavidProserpine, Queensland
7246FRASER, William Stitt StuartTownsville, Queensland
7254GANE, HughCairns, Queensland
7256GARNER, ArthurMillaa Millaa, Queensland
7255GILL, WilliamGin Gin, Queensland
7250GINN, Robert GregoryToowoomba, Queensland
7253GORDON, Henry RichardEton via Mackay, Queensland
7249GOTTWALTZ, James FrancisBundaberg, Queensland
7251GRAY, Hector VictorMitchell, Queensland
7358GRIFFITHS, Rudolph CliffordCharter's Towers, Queensland
7252GROOM, Gregory Wilmot VictorNewstead, Queensland
7257GULLIVER, Gabriel AmbroseCloncurry, Queensland
7258GUPPY, Thomas ChristopherCharter's Towers, Queensland
7267HALL, Henry JosephMaryborough, Queensland
7270HARRIS, Henry JohnNorth Rockhampton, Queensland
7271HEALY, Peter MichaelNorth Sydney, New South Wales
7347HEASLOP, WilliamCooktown, Queensland
7262HEENAN, MichaelCloncurry, Queensland
7268HENNERTY, PercivalBrisbane, Queensland
7259HERROD, JosephCharter's Towers, Queensland
7269HETHERSON, Thomas PatrickMount Morgan, Queensland
7264HINES, Charles LancasterBrisbane, Queensland
7272HOOK, Charles EdwardRoma, Queensland
7265HOOPER, James JosephBrisbane, Queensland
7260HORROBIN, Robert AbrahamBainbilla, Queensland
7266HOWARD, ThomasToowoomba, Queensland
7261HULSH, Percy HerbertDareel, Queensland
7273INGLE, Ambrose CurzonCharter's Towers, Queensland
7274JACOBSON, FrankTorquay, Queensland
7352JEFFCOAT, Leslie BanksSouth Brisbane, Queensland
7276JOHNSON, EdwardSpring Hill, Queensland
7277KEATING, JohnMitchell, Queensland
7279LAWRENCE, Sydney GeorgeWest End, Queensland
7283LEANE, PatrickMeringmandan
7280LENEHAN, PeterAlbion, Queensland
7281LEO, Edward WilliamBirdsville, Queensland
7348LEWIS, Edwin ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
7351LLOYD, EdwardToobeah, Queensland
7282LONGDEN, Thomas ArthurNambour, Queensland
7291MARTIN, Neville Thomas ConwayKeerong, New South Wales
7286MATTHEWS, WilliamTownsville, Queensland
7295McCAHON, William Brown GivenSpring Creek, Queensland
7294McDONALD, James ThomasBell, Queensland
7290McDONOUGH, JohnToowoomba, Queensland
7293McLEOD, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
7296McMURDY, Hugh SandersonEsk, Queensland
7289MEARES, George SylvesterTambo, Queensland
7356MILROY, Hugh JohnMilton, Queensland
7288MORRISON, Walter CharlesCharter's Towers, Queensland
7292MORTON, Lyle HenryBirdsville, Queensland
7285MURPHY, Henry ValentineWest End, Queensland
7350MURPHY, JamesMalanda, Queensland
7298NELSON, William JohnRinville, Queensland
7299NICKOLS, William JesseRocky Glen, Queensland
7297NIELSEN, Niel PeterCharters Towers, Queensland
73OOO'CONNOR, John JosephToowoomba, Queensland
7303O'RELLLY, William EdwardGordon Vale, Queensland
7305PALMER, Thomas DuncanBundaberg, Queensland
7307PARTRIDGE, Harold JohnToowoomba, Queensland
7308PEACH, DavidUpper Tent Hill, Gatton, Queensland
7304PERCY, LeonardMackay, Queensland
7310POLL, Reginald FredrickClermont, Queensland
7309PRIDEAUX, William WalterCharter's Towers, Queensland
7316RANKINE, HarryRavenshoe, Queensland
7315RINGER, JohnSt George, Queensland
7311RODNEY, Willis Henry PatrickThallon, Queensland
7313ROSE, Samuel Carl GilmourReedy Creek, Queensland
7353ROYES, Sidney FrancisNorth Rockhampton, Queensland
7322SCHEILER, William EdwardCasino, New South Wales
7321SHEPHARD, WilliamCharters Towers, Queensland
7324SIMPSON, WilliamCharter's Towers, Queensland
7317SINNOTT, ThomasBroadwater, New South Wales
7320SMITH, ErnestMontville, Queensland
7323STENHOUSE, Charles StewartHerberton, Queensland
7349SWANTON, RichardCordalba, Queensland
7359TARDENT, Emile AugusteBrassall, Queensland
7332TAYLOR, Charles EdgarCharter's Towers, Queensland
7325TAYLOR, Wilberforce LanteurSouth Brisbane, Queensland
7326TEMPLEMAN, WalterLandsborough, Queensland
7360THOMPSEN, Niels Peter ChristianEsplanade, Cairns, Queensland
7333THOMPSON, JohnTenterfield, New South Wales
7327THOMSON, EdwardToowoomba, Queensland
7328TLCKLE, George MontagueWest End, Queensland
7334TOMLINSON, HaroldGordon Downs, Queensland
7331TOOHEY, CecilTownsville, Queensland
7329TOWNSEND, HenryMackay, Queensland
7330TUCKER, ReginaldBrisbane, Queensland
7335VEITCH, JamesWest End, Queensland
7339WAKE, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
7355WALSH, PatrickCooroy, Queensland
7336WHITE, Horace ThomasMuttaburra, Queensland
7340WILLIAMS, John AlfredBundaberg, Queensland
7341WILLIAMS, Walter ThompsonValley, Brisbane, Queensland
7337WONDERLEY, Charles RobertsonToowoomba, Queensland
7338WOODS, John JosephTownsville, Queensland
7328TICKLE, George MontagueWest End, Queensland

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