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14th Light Horse Regiment, A Squadron

AWM Roll number: 10/19/1

  1. From Sydney, New South Wales on board HMAT A72 Beltana on 13 May 1916

16ALLAN, Sydney SutherlandBrisbane, Queensland
18ARMSTRONG, Cecil VincentToowoomba, Queensland
17AYLOTT, Frederick CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
19BANGS, Stanley PercivalToowoomba, Queensland
22BASHFORD, PhillipLongreach, Queensland
26BATTLEY, AlexanderToowoomba, Queensland
28BECKMAN, David KirkLismore, New South Wales
23BLAKE, CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
24BOURKE, William Michael SylvesterBrisbane, Queensland
20BOWMAN, FrederickTownsville, Queensland
12BOYD, RobertBrisbane, Queensland
2BREE, Rex StapyltonBrisbane, Queensland
25BROWN, RoyBrisbane, Queensland
29BROWN, William JamesToowoomba, Queensland
21BUTTERFIELD, Charles WilliamLongreach, Queensland
BUTTERWORTH, FrankBrisbane, Queensland
CAMERON, Arthur ArchibaldAllora, Queensland
32CAMPBELL, Clarence WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
7CAMPBELL, Thomas HarveyWarwick, Queensland
8CARSELDINE, Duncan StewartBrisbane, Queensland
70CARSELDINE, Edwin DavidBrisbane, Queensland
37CLARKE, Charles EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
33COLLINS, Earnest MiltonBrisbane, Queensland
36COLLINS, Roy HaroldBrisbane, Queensland
35COOLING, George MarkToowoomba, Queensland
34COX, CharlesLismore, New South Wales
31CRAGG, EdwinLismore, New South Wales
42DAVIDSON, DavidBrisbane, Queensland
43DAY, Charles HenryToowoomba, Queensland
41DONALDSON, HenryBrisbane, Queensland
38DRAYDON, Matthew JohnToowoomba, Queensland
39DUFF, Angus StuartCharters Towers, Queensland
44DUNCAN, CharlesRockhampton, Queensland
45EDGELL, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
47EDWARDS, AlbertBrisbane, Queensland
90EGAN, MichaelBrisbane, Queensland
48ELLIOTT, Wilfred Henry LeonLismore, New South Wales
46EMERY, GeorgeRockhampton, Queensland
49FAULKNER, Fredrick WalterBrisbane, Queensland
51FAULKNER, HarryBrisbane, Queensland
52FERGUSON, Robert BeachRockhampton, Queensland
53FLUTTER, Charles JamesToowoomba, Queensland
4FORD, Henry EstwickCharters Towers, Queensland
50FRANKLIN, William AlbertBrisbane, Queensland
57GARRAHY, Henry ThomasToowoomba, Queensland
54GILLESPIE, Leonard JamesToowoomba, Queensland
56GLASS, John JamesBrisbane, Queensland
58GRAY, Robert ChalmersGayndah, Queensland
55HALL, Thomas BoydBrisbane, Queensland
69HAMILTON, Clarence Leslie DonaldDalby, Queensland
62HARDY, Frederick Albert FosterBrisbane, Queensland
11HATTER, James RobertWarwick, Queensland
59HENSHALL, RoyBrisbane, Queensland
67HERRING, Edward AlbertToowomba, Queensland
71HEWETT, Edwin JamesLismore, New South Wales
27HEWITT, Albert VictorLismore, New South Wales
66HIDE, Wiliam Nathaniel NelsonBrisbane, Queensland
65HINE, GeorgeTownsville, Queensland
68HOGAN, JohnRockhampton, Queensland
63HOPKINS, William JamesBrisbane, Queensland
60HOWARD, Lemuel ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
61HURLE, Edward ClintonCharters Towers
64HUTTON, William JohnToowoomba, Queensland
5INGRAM, Harold Aubrey ThomasToowomba, Queensland
73JACKSON, Harold WinterCairns, Queensland
75JOLLY, Phillip PetersonLismore, New South Wales
72JONES, William Frederick TylerToowoomba, Queensland
74JOUNQUAY, Alexander WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
77AKERR, Arthur EdwardLismore, New South Wales
121LABATT, Andrew JackWarwick, Queensland
15LANG, Douglas RobertToowoomba, Queensland
79LAUMAN, Waldemar NessenBrisbane, Queensland
76LINKLATER, VictorMurwillumbah, New South Wales
76ALLOYD, Arthur EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
78LOVELL, Thomas WilliamWarwick, Queensland
81MANNING, HenryEnoggera, New South Wales
84MARGERRISON, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
89McCARROLL, Henry Samuel HughBrisbane, Queensland
91McDOUGALL, William JamesBrisbane, Queensland
13McGILL, WalterBrisbane, Queensland
92McGREGOR, AlexanderBrisbane, Queensland
93McGREGOR, James GordanBrisbane, Queensland
88McLENNAN, Garnett CecilBurrangbar, New South Wales
94McNULTY, John FrancisToowoomba, Queensland
88AMEAGHER, John VincentTaroom, Queensland
87MOODY, Ernest BelmoreToowoomba, Queensland
86MOODY, John VivianToowoomba, Queensland
82MORRIS, ThomasRockhampton, Queensland
83MOULD, William HenryBrisbane, Queensland
85MUNROE, JackBrisbane, Queensland
NEAVERSON, Robert HenryBrisbane, Queensland
98NICHOLLS, Arthur DanielBrisbane, Queensland
96NICOLL, Reginald McQuattie HaygaithWallumbilla, Queensland
9NIXON, Bertie ClarenceRockhampton, Queensland
95NIXON, Richard GeorgeRockhampton, Queensland
10NORMAN, William HenryBrisbane, Queensland
97NORRIS, William EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
99O'SULLIVAN, JeremiahBrisbane, Queensland
6OLLIVER, PatrickBrisbane, Queensland
102OLSEN, Robert WiliamBrisbane, Queensland
101ORCHARD, David WilliamToowoomba, Queensland
152PARKER, EdgarToowoomba, Queensland
103PARRISH, Oliver James WesleyLismore, New South Wales
109PAYTON, StephenToowoomba, Queensland
159PEARCE, Albert GeorgeBooyal, Queensland
104PEARCE, Charles AlbertChilders, Queensland
110PENGELLEY, Arthur KnightToowoomba, Queensland
PIKE, Leonard HenryBrisbane, Queensland
107PILKINGTON, HaroldBrisbane, Queensland
106PINKERTON, George CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
108POTTER, GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
105PREBBLE, Arthur WilliamUlmarra, New South Wales
112QUIGLEY, ArthurTaroom, Queensland
111QUINLAN, JamesToowoomba, Queensland
124RAHAL, Thomas PatrickRoma, Queensland
122REECE, William ReginaldChilders, Queensland
RICHARDS, Samuel AlexanderMount Morgan, Queensland
115ROBINSON, William Charles AlbertRockhampton, Queensland
123ROLFE, AlexanderLaidley, Queensland
119ROSS, HaroldBrisbane, Queensland
118ROWE, William John ThomasTownsville, Queensland
117RUSSELL, AlfredNormanton, Queensland
116RUSSELL, JamesEnoggera, Queensland
14RUTHERFORD, ChristopherBrisbane, Queensland
1RYAN, James EdwardDalby, Queensland
120RYAN, William PatrickWarwick, Queensland
114RYNNE, John MichaelAllora, Queensland
136SCHLOSS, Robert CharlesForest Hill, Queensland
134SHAW, HamiltonBrisbane, Queensland
137SHEEHAN, JohnToowoomba, Queensland
130SHEEHAN, William RichardLismore, New South Wales
125SILVESTER, Albert WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
126SIMPSON, BertieBrisbane, Queensland
132SIMS, LeslieWarwick, Queensland
146ASKILLINGTON, Lionel HenryLismore, New South Wales
133SLADE, FrankLismore, New South Wales
128STACE, George EdwardGeorgetown, Queensland
131STELEY, Robert Charles AbelBrisbane, Queensland
135STENNER, Frederick ErnestLismore, New South Wales
142STEVENS, Alexander LowMooloolah, Queensland
127STOKES, WilliamMunbilla, Queensland
129STRONG, James EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
149TARDENT, Oswald UrbinRoma, Queensland
139TAYLOR, William Thomas BruceChilders, Queensland
3THOMPSON, GriffithBrisbane, Queensland
141THWAITE, ThomasRockhampton, Queensland
140TOMISON, Charles DuncanWarwick, Queensland
138TURPIN, Arthur James JohnTownsville, Queensland
143ULBRICK, George NicolaiMelbourne, Victoria
145WALSH, Edward ThomasTaroom, Queensland
146WHITE, George William HarryYeulba, Queensland
149AWILLIAMS, Francis FrederickTaroom, Queensland
148WILLIS, Arthur WintleRockhampton, Queensland
154WILLIS, Gilbert JamesWarwick, Queensland
WILSON, JamesTara, Queensland
144WILSON, James JosephTownsville, Queensland
156WILSON, James RobertAdavale, Queensland
150WINKEL, Joseph GeorgeCairns, Queensland
153WINKS, Charles John NewtonWarwick, Queensland
145AWINTERBOTTOM, John ThomasLongreach, Queensland
155WRIGHT, John HenryBrisbane, Queensland

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