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7th Light Horse Regiment, A Squadron

AWM Roll number: 10/12/1

  1. From Sydney, New South Wales on board HMAT A33 Ayrshire on 20 December 1914

  2. From Sydney, New South Wales on board HMAT A31 Ajana on 19 December 1914

245ALLEY, Vivian Francis
130AMBLER, Ernest Edward
181ANDERSON, Ralph
110ANDREWS, Abraham Stephen
176ARCHIBALD, William Daniel
213ARMSTRONG, Allan Seymour
121BAILEY, Burt
122BAILEY, Harry
237BARCLAY, George Henry
202BARKER, Alfred
BICE, LukeInverell, New South Wales
111BIGNELL, Archie Raymond
BIRD, Thomas HaroldOrindinna, Gresford, New South Wales
205BLACK, Lornie
172BLACK, Samuel Axon
171BORLASE, Thomas Harvey
239BRELSFORD, George Henry
119BREWER, Ira
149BRYANT, Gordon Percy
194CAMPBELL, Henry Hunter
102CAMPBELL, John Nicolas
219CAPES, Samuel
241CHAPPELL, Arhtur
136CLUTTERHAM, William Edward
197COCHRANE, John Eric
118CROMMELIN, Victor
182CUNNINGHAM, Patrick
107CUTTS, Frank Robert
180DAGGETT, William
218DAHL, Oscar Theodore
188DRINKWATER, Arthur William
153DUNCAN, William Bruce
137FLEMING, James
220FLYNN, James Arthur
192FREEBURN, Victor Charles
221FULLER, Arthur William
166GANNON, Francdis Joseph
222GARDINER, Thomas
246GIBBS, Sydney
GILCHRIST, Horace WilliamPolice Station, Nundle via Tamworth, New South Wales
131GILHOLM, William
158GLENN, Albert William
199GOULD, George
223GRANT, Arthur Alexander
175GRANT, William FRancis
198GRAY, Frederick George
109GRIFFIN, James Edward
195HALVORSON, William Harold
151HARRISON, George Ernest
215HENDERSON, Alfred
150HEUSTON, Rex Edward Steven
HIGGINS, Percy JosephGrand Central Hotel, Sydney, New South Wales
244HOLLANDS, Henry Ackland
123HOLMES, Maxwell Alexander
233HONESS, Halwood Leslie
161HOTSTON, Henry
238HOWARTH, Horace Maitland
211HUMBLE, Reginald
108HUMPHREYS, Thomas Francis
125HYDE, Arthur
228JAMES, Albert Ernest
112JAMES, David
234JOHNSON, Mervyn
231JONES, John Arthur
210KEEN, Thomas Llewellyn
235KELLY, Ernest Edward
243KEMP, Alfred
200KEMP, Francis
126KEMP, William Joseph
133KIESER, Henry Albert
216KILGOUR, Robur William
201KING, David
165KIRTON, Walter Leo
117LAIDLAW, George
106LATHAM, Alfred Henry
186LEWIS, Horace Frederick
134LOW, St Clair
204MARTYN, Robert Errol
127MAY, Richard James
225McCARTHY, Sidney
162McCONNELL, John George *
248McGRATH, John
154McHUGH, Walter Terence
155McKAY, William
152McMASTER, William
120MITCHELL, William Caig
179MUIR, John Sidney
128MURRAY, Percy
143NELSON, James William
157NEWBY, Frank Stephen
183NEWTON, George Henry
190NIXON, Arthur
206NOAD, Arthur William
124NORMAN, George Kenneth
224NUNAN, Daniel
226ONIONS, Walter Henry
148PAWLEY, Albert John *
207PICTON, Edward Benjamin
104POLAND, Daniel Mallen
142POPE, Charles Henry
227PRESHAW, Harold Ogilvie
170PRIEST, Joseph
144PRYOR, Elias Saywell
191RAYMOND, Arthur Ernest
230REEVES, Joseph
114REID, William
160RENNOLDSON, Harold Melvin
RICHARDSON, John Dalzell'Leigh', Raymond Terrace, New South Wales
164ROGAN, William Stanley
115ROSS, Donald
185RUDD, Linton Percy Clarence
113SALMON, William
173SAMSON, William Stephen
187SIMMONS, Robert
129SIMPSON, Leslie
232SINDEN, Oscar Wallace
147SKEWES, James *
184SMITH, David Daniel
163SMITH, Frank
156SMITH, Wiildon Adair Gordon
132SMITH, William John
209SNEDDON, Isaac
146SNELGROVER, Frederick Charles
139SNOW, George
217SPURRELL, George
141STANLEY, Charles Edward
236STRATEN, William
247STYLES, Reginald Lucian
135SWAB, John Thomas
140TESCHNER, Carl Anton
196THOMPSON, Lancelot
138TIPPER, George
168VIDLER, John Charles
229WALKER, John Howard
103WALKER, Samuel Oswald
193WALLAS, Arnold
167WAUGH, Walter Spencer
240WAUGHT, Hugh Gordon Harry
242WELSH, Joseph Stanley
436WHITE, Ernest
169WICKING, Frederick William
177WILLIAMSON, Joseph Enoch
WINDEYER, Edward'Koorora', Raymond Terraace, New South Wales
116WISE, Ernest Edward
105YARDY, Jesse William
101YOUNG, Hadden Hamilton
203YOUNG, John Douglas
208YOUNG, Matthew O'Grady William
189ZOUCH, Essington Lowther

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