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7th Light Horse Regiment, B Squadron

AWM Roll number: 10/12/1

  1. From Sydney, New South Wales on board Transport A33 Ayrshire on 20 December 1914

  2. From Sydney, New South Wales on board TRANSPORT A31 Ajana on 19 December 1914

411ALLERTON, James Percy *
358ARDEN, Walter
323BAILEY, Joshua
365BAKER, William Richard
437BARDEN, Percival James
391BATEMAN, Claude John
374BEST, William Thomas
313BLIGHT, Charles
384BOLTON, William
388BRADFORD, Jack Compton
380BURKE, Claude Edmund
329BURMAN, Ralph Randolph
362BUTTERS, Robert Cumming
450BYRNE, James Murray
426BYRNE, John Thomas
309BYRNES, Norman
326CAMPER, William Valentine
351CANNAN, Frederick Wallace
401CARROLL, Leslie
395CHAPMAN, Richard Rupert
353CLOEY, William Manuel *
333COLE, William Ernest
403COLLINS, Clyde Reginald
369COMMONS, Leslie Victor
407CONDRON, Henry
343COUSINS, John Patrick
393COWDERY, Francis Reynolds
383CROSS, Henry
378CROUCHER, George Alexander Gordon
409DALZIEL, Herbert Ray
373DOWNIE, William Edward
427DOWNS, Edward Thomas
308DOWSETT, Jack Arthur
301EAVES, William
381EDGEWORTH, Leonard Desmond
385EDGEWORTH, Walter Daniel
341EDMUNDSON, John Gordon
ELLIOTT, Thomas PatrickGrenfell, Notting Hill, Auburn, New South Wales
350FARDON, James Kinman
386FISHER, Robert
357FLOWER, James Herbert
446FRANCIS, Joseph
392GAVIN, Martin
376GILES, Ernest Arthur
422GRAHAM, Walter George
372GREEN, Edmund
394GRIMM, Reginald Charles
371GRIMSHAW, Charles Edward
322GRINTER, Charles Edmund
340GRINTER, Earnest
317GUY, James Randoph
360HALL, William
361HALL, William
429HAMILTON, Edward Daniel
428HARPER, William
302HARRIS, John Samueal
354HAY, John Lewis
412HAYES, Harry
328HAZELTON, William Joseph
444HENDERSON, Harold
359HENNESSY, Denis
303HIBBS, Joseph Samuel
366HOGAN, Henry Daniel
406HULM, John Edward Francis
314HUME, James
HYMAN, Arthur Wellesley2 Australasia Chambers, Martin Place, Sydney, New South Wales
438INGLIS, James
336INGREY, Oliver Cromwell Matteson
370JANSEN, William
410KELLY, Lindsay William
339KING, Campbell
397KING, Stanley Hector
416KING, William
331LEE, Charles Edward
342LOOK, William Henry
338LOOKER, Norman Robert
440MACKENZIE, Alexander Colquhoun
MACLEAN, Mordaunt Royc/o Captain A.L. Maclean, Leichardt Street, Waverley
MADDRELL, Henry Onyx CoghillMona, Braidwood, New South Wales
423MALONE, James
337MANLY, James Henry
389MANSFIELD, Archibald Henry
311MASON, Edward Charles
431MATHEWS, William Thomas
352MAXWELL, Frederick
318MAXWELL, Thomas
382McCAULL, William David
441McCRAE, Leslie
420McINTYRE, William Alfred Carson
425MEEHAN, Albert Horace
404MINTON, Henry
396MITCHELL, Thomas
315MOLLOY, Basil Oliver James
307MORGAN, Francis William
319MORRIS, Edwin Hezekiah
413MURPHY, William Joseph
443MURRAY, Charles
330NEILL, Victor Henry
321NEVELL, Oscar Robert Campbell
415O'KEEFE, Michael John
312OLIVER, Harry
421PARR, John William
344PASCOE, Martin
347PEISLEY, William Harvesion
449PHEENEY, James AlfredWolumna, South Coast, New South Wales
356PHELPS, Ernest James
345POOLE, Ralph *
419POUNSBERRY, Ralph *
346PRATT, Robert William
417PROSSER, Septimus Ernest
324RATLIFF, Herbert Bingham
377ROBINSON, Roy Charles
355ROTHBERG, Norman Aston
434ROWLEY, Alfred
327ROYAL, Norman Charles
348RUANE, Martin Edward
RUTLEDGE, Thomas Lloyd ForsterGidley, Bungendore, New South Wales
447RYAN, Daniel
305SCANLAN, James Victor
424SHARPE, Norman RobertJames Street, Lismore, New South Wales
364SHARROCK, Percy Victor
439SMITH, James Francis
435SMITH, Norman John
414SPENCER, Herbert
310SPENCER, Leslie Wilson
304STANFORD, John Charles
306STANMORE, James *
402STINSON, Allen Horace
442STONE, Joseph
363TAIT, Charles Davies
332TAYLOR, Stanley
398TETLEY, James
390THROSBY, Campbell
334TONKIN, Morrish Paul
320TUCKWELL, Norman Alexander
379TYLER, Charles Albert
349VEIGEL, Charles Henry
405VILLIS, Stanley
400WALKER, Lancelot Edward
316WALLACE, James
448WARTON, Alfred
418WATHERSTON, Cyril Anderson
408WATSON, George
432WATSON, Watty
WESTON, Hubert Charlesc/o Mrs Brunton, Boundary Street, Little Coogee, New South Wales
399WIGGINS, Charles William
433WILLIS, Richard Albert
368WRIGHT, Ernest Denton

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