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2nd Casualty Clearing Station

AWM Roll number: 26/103/1

  1. From Melbourne, Victoria on board HMAT A41 Bakara on 8 November 1915

  2. From Melbourne, Victoria on board HMAT A62 Wandilla on 9 November 1915

  3. From Melbourne, Victoria on board HMAT A39 Port Macquarie on 16 November 1915

  4. From Melbourne, Victoria on board HMAT A34 Persic on 22 November 1915

  5. From Melbourne, Victoria on board HMAT A40 Ceramic on 23 November 1915

  6. From Melbourne, Victoria on board HMAT A59 Botanist on 24 November 1915

  7. From Sydney, New South Wales on board HMAT A45 Bulla on 25 November 1915

  8. From Sydney, New South Wales on board HMAT A23 Suffolk on 30 November 1915

7313ALDERTON, William Joseph *Camperdown, New South Wales
7322ALEXANDER, Robert Ernest *Shepparton, Victoria
ALLESTER, Edwin Marston *Huonville, Tasmania
7323ATKINSON, William *Newport, Victoria
7323ATKINSON, WilliamNewport, Victoria
7314BARKER, Louis *Malvern, Victoria
7324BARTON, Frank Gavin *Flemington, Victoria
7305BASTER, Major Thomas *Albert Park, Victoria
7325BEE, Tom *Auburn, Victoria
7306BENNETT, Frank Ernest *Crows Nest, New South Wales
7327BLACK, Harold Wallace Santilla *Box Hill, Victoria
7315BOYD, Stanley Wilson *Northcote, Victoria
7326BREWER, James Herbert *Burwood, Victoria
BROWN, William Gilbee *Springsure, Queensland
BROWNE, John Walter *Adelaide, South Australia
7307BUNN, Clarence Walter *Balaclava, Victoria
7308BUSS, Roy Cecil Stanley *Mosman, New South Wales
7329CARMICHAEL, Alexander *Dulwich Hill, New South Wales
7332CHARLES, Edward Harold *Cardigan, Victoria
7330COLE, Henry James Reginald *Mount Egerton, Victoria
COLLINS, Archibald John * *Camperdown, New South Wales
CRAIG, Robert Fulton *Parkville, Victoria
7331CRONIN, Maurice Anthony *Richmond, Victoria
7333DAFF, Albert Laurence Roberts *Malvern, Victoria
7334DAVIS, Cecil Earls *Sydney, New South Wales
7336DAY, George William *Kew, Victoria
7335DEMETRUS, George *Sydney, New South Wales
7337DEVILLE, Emile Lindsay *Armadale, Victoria
7338DOOLEY, Norval Henry *Ivanhoe, Victoria
7339DOYLE, John *
7340DUTNEALL, Arthur Stephen Henry *Malvern, Victoria
7342EASON, John Faulkner *North Geelong, Victoria
7341EDDY, John Herbert William *Richmond, Victoria
7316FITZPATRICK, Theodore *Heyfield, Victoria
7344GRANT, William John *Malvern, Victoria
7345HODGSON, Frank Heach *East St Kilda, Victoria
7346HORSFIELD, William Andrew *Coburg, Victoria
7317JOHNSON, John Frederick *Mosman, New South Wales
7347JOHNSTON, Robert James *North Carlton, Victoria
7350KENNEDY, William Nicholas *Marrickville, New South Wales
7349KILFOYLE, James *Ballarat, Victoria
7309LAMBERT, William *Burnley, Victoria
7320LEACH, Frederick Norman *Newmarket, Victoria
7351LIDGETT, Robert Laurence *Highton, Greendale, Victoria
7352LIPSCOMBE, Victor Mansell *Mosman, New South Wales
7353LORIMER, Edwin Glendower *Canterbury, Victoria
7354MARTIN, Ernest Milton *Armadale, Victoria
7355MARTIN, Henry James *Abbotsford, Victoria
7359MASHITER, Thomas Rimmon *
7310McCLEAN, Joseph *Mosman, New South Wales
7304McFADYEN, Charles Hector *Ascot Vale, Victoria
7360McKAY, Hugh *East Malvern, Victoria
7321McKENZIE, Harry Gabriel *Erskineville, New South Wales
7361McMURDIE, Eric Aspinall *Newtown, Geelong, Victoria
7356MILLER, John Clark *Yarraville, Victoria
7357MULLER, Dudley Merlyn Terry *Sydney, New South Wales
7362NALLY, Francis Augustine *Armadale, Victoria
7363OSBORNE, Horace Rowland *St Kilda, Victoria
7364PARRY, Arthur Reginald *Burwood, New South Wales
7365PEAKIN, John *Richmond, Victoria
PEARCE, James Vine *Ballarat, Victoria
7367PIKE, John David *Geelong, Victoria
7366POWELL, Albert Victor *North Fitzroy, Victoria
7368RAY, William Alfred *Marrickville, New South Wales
7372REID, George William *Ballarat, Victoria
7369RERDEN, Philip HerbertWestgarth, Victoria
7369RERDON, Philip HerbertWestgarth, Victoria
7371ROBSON, Leonard Charles *Mosman, New South Wales
7370ROTHBERG, Harry *Royal Park, Victoria
7376SADDINGTON, Ronald Menzies *Neutral Bay, New South Wales
7375SMITH, Clarence Gervais *Coogee, New South Wales
7374SMITH, Leslie Edward *Albert Park, Victoria
7373SPEAK, Leslie Robert *Buninyong, Victoria
STACY, Harold Skipton *Killara, New South Wales
7311STOCK, Caleb John *East Brunswick, Victoria
7312SUMMERFIELD, William Henry *East Malvern, Victoria
7377TERRELL, Victor Ernest John *Windsor, Victoria
7378THOMPSON, Aubrey Milton *Brunswick, Victoria
7379TURNBULL, Thomas Frank *Hawthorn, Victoria
7318WALKER, Hilton Maxwell Dight *Ballarat, Victoria
7384WALTON, Hans *Ascot Vale, Victoria
7382WILKINSON, Norman Francis *Melbourne, Victoria
7319WILSON, Albert *Essendon, Victoria
5383WOODFORD, Lionel *West Melbourne, Victoria

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