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49th Battalion, 7th Reinforcement

AWM Roll number: 23/66/3

  1. From Brisbane, Queensland on board HMAT A74 Marathon on 27 October 1916

2863ADAMS, BennettMaryborough, Queensland
2859ALLAN, Peter SimBrisbane, Queensland
2862AMOS, Clifton Percival *Lismore, New South Wales
2860AVERY, Norman Leo *Lismore, New South Wales
2866BAKE, JosephLismore, New South Wales
3028BASHFORD, JohnEagle Junction, Brisbane, Queensland
2869BEARD, Donald PercyHughenden, Queensland
2871BETT, John IrvingBrisbane, Queensland
2868BLEWETT, Albert PyneLismore, New South Wales
2864BOLAND, Paul AskinBrisbane, Queensland
2865BOULTER, Edgar ArthurTownsville, Queensland
2870BOWCOCK, HarryCairns, Queensland
2872BROWN, CharlesBundaberg, Queensland
2867BUDD, Arthur AubreyBrisbane, Queensland
3029CAMP, Frederick ErnestBrisbane, Queensland
2876CARSON, William AlbertBrisbane, Queensland
2877COLLINS, Henry AlbertBrisbane, Queensland
2874COOPER, WilliamCairns, Queensland
2878CORVESOR, Edward MichaelBrisbane, Queensland
2873COUPER, HughBrisbane, Queensland
3031CRANNEY, Thomas PatrickBrisbane, Queensland
2875CROSS, Ernest EdwardLismore, New South Wales
2879CRUICKSHANK, James DalzielToowoomba, Queensland
3030CURRAN, Grenville EdisonMaryborough, Queensland
2891DAVEY, Albert JohnBrisbane, Queensland
2882DAVID, Thomas *Warwick, Queensland
2881DE VIS, Herbert WalterHughenden, Queensland
2883DEGN, Arthur EngleberthBrisbane, Queensland
2886DILLON, Robert GeorgeBabinda via Cairns, Queensland
3032DINELEY, Thomas VictorBrisbane, Queensland
2880DIXON, Herbert ClementSouth Brisbane, Queensland
3003DODD, Alfred SearleChelmer, Queensland
2885DODD, Henry GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
2889DOHERTY, James WilliamCharleville, Queensland
2884DONLEN, ThomasTownsville, Queensland
2890DOWNS, Charles JohnBrisbane, Queensland
2887DUNNINGS, Ernest JamesToowoomba, Queensland
3020EGAN, Denis JamesDarwin, Queensland
2892ELLIOTT, Frederick SandfordBrisbane, Queensland
3019EVANS, Horace Christopher CharlesToowoomba, Queensland
2893FINN, WilliamCairns, Queensland
2894FLETCHER, Edwin FrancisEmerald, Queensland
2899FORAN, John JosephLismore, New South Wales
2898FRANCIS, William CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
2896FREUDENBERG, Berthold ChristianBrisbane, Queensland
3035GAUT, Thomas GriffithBrisbane, Queensland
3033GEDDES, Ernest AlbertBrisbane, Queensland
3034GERAGHTY, PatrickMount Molloy, Queensland
2909GODDEN, FrankBrisbane, Queensland
2906GORDON, Ronald DonaldTownsville, Queensland
2903GRACE, James Pearce FrancisCharleville, Queensland
3036GRANT, Robert WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
2900GREEN, HarryBrisbane, Queensland
2908GREEN, RalphBrisbane, Queensland
2904GREGG, William JosephCairns, Queensland
1901GREGORY, RichardBrisbane, Queensland
2907GRENDON, Charles HenryRockhampton, Queensland
2911GRIEVE, Archibald MorganBrisbane, Queensland
2910GUERIN, John Felician TerenceBundaberg, Queensland
2905GUTTRIDGE, Joseph ConradEmerald, Queensland
2912HANKEY, Thomas CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
2917HANSEN, Marten PeaterEmerald, Queensland
2914HARDING, Frederick ArthurBrisbane, Queensland
HART, ByrneBrisbane, Queensland
3037HAWKE, JohnLongreach, Queensland
2913HAYLOCK, LadasCairns, Queensland
2915HEALY, MichaelBrisbane, Queensland
2925HODSON, William JohnBrisbane, Queensland
3021HOVEY, ErnestWest End, Brisbane, Queensland
2918HUGHES, Charles FrancisBrisbane, Queensland
2919ILLICH, Frank DonaldTownsville, Queensland
2921JOHNSTON, Samuel JosephBrisbane, Queensland
2920JONES, DavidCairns, Queensland
2924JONES, JohnEmerald, Queensland
2932KANN, Sidney Alfred PolsonBrisbane, Queensland
2931KEATES, JohnMaryborough, Queensland
2927KINDREGAN, Patrick HardemanBrisbane, Queensland
2928KING, PatrickBrisbane, Queensland
2929KINGSTON, CharlesCairns, Queensland
2934LANG, Alexander JamesLismore, New South Wales
2935LANG, Donald HaroldLismore, New South Wales
3023LARDELLI, NoelHughenden, Queensland
2937LENNIE, John MagnusBrisbane, Queensland
2933LINEHAN, CorneliusBrisbane, Queensland
2936LYNCH, BertCairns, Queensland
2944MAHER, John JosephCharters Towers, Queensland
2955McALLISTER, James AlexanderCharters Towers, Queensland
2964McBRIDE, AlexanderCannon Hill, Queensland
2963McBRIDE, JamesBrisbane, Queensland
2957McDONALD, Alexander SydneyBrisbane, Queensland
2961McDONALD, John RobertMackay, Queensland
2943McGOWAN, John JosephBrisbane, Queensland
2965McINTOSH, William JamesBrisbane, Queensland
2962McMAHON, Charles PatrickToowoomba, Queensland
2952McMAHON, MichaelWarwick, Queensland
2951McPHERSON, William HendersonLismore, New South Wales
3038McSTRAVICK, Joseph PatrickBundaberg, Queensland
2953MENZIES, Walter PattisonSwan Hill, Brisbane, Queensland
2948MINES, Thomas HenryCairns, Queensland
2946MONK, George WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
2941MOORE, HarryBrisbane, Queensland
2939MORGAN, Harry CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
2942MORGAN, John ThomasCairns, Queensland
2960MORRIS, William CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
2950MORROW, William FrederickMackay, Queensland
2940MULLER, PaulToowoomba, Queensland
2947MURTAGH, John MartinBrisbane, Queensland
2959MYHILL, JamesEmerald, Queensland
2966NAPOLEON, William JosephCangai via Grafton, New South Wales
2967NEW, MarkTownsville, Queensland
2969NIPPERESS, Cecil PhillipBrisbane, Queensland
2971O'DONNELL, ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
2970O'NEILL, Michael HenryBrisbane, Queensland
2973O'ROURKE, Florence JohnBrisbane, Queensland
2980PADGET, William BrookToowoomba, Queensland
2977PASHLEY, Joseph JamesNorth Bundaberg, Queensland
2978PATTERSON, Robert JohnBrisbane, Queensland
2979PAYNE, Alexander OswaldGrafton, New South Wales
2975PERCY, WilliamSouth Brisbane, Queensland
2976POWER, Edward JamesBrisbane, Queensland
2981QUAILEY, George DavidLismore, New South Wales
3024RATTENBURY, Albert VictorToowoomba, Queensland
2985REID, BernardTownsville, Queensland
2987ROBINSON, CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
2986ROCHE, StephenSpring Hill, Brisabne, Queensland
2983ROGERS, GeorgeToowong, Queensland
2988ROWE, Albert VictorToowoomba, Queensland
2984RYAN, MauriceBrisbane, Queensland
2992SATCHWITH, Frederick WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
2990SCHY, Frank LucasBrisbane, Queensland
3040SCOTNEY, JamesRoma, Queensland
3000SIMONS, William ErnestBrisbane, Queensland
3039SMITH, RalphMackay, Queensland
2996SMITH, ThomasBundaberg, Queensland
2995SPALL, Alexander GeorgeNew Farm, Queensland
2993STEEL, Thomas PowlingTownsville, Queensland
3002STEVENS, Edwin JamesMaryborough, Queensland
2997STILLER, Norman AlexanderBrisbane, Queensland
3006TATNELL, William TurnerBrisbane, Queensland
3008TAYLOR, George RobertBrisbane, Queensland
3007TAYLOR, William WalterCharleville, Queensland
3004THOMPSON, George EdwardBundaberg, Queensland
3005THURESON, Ernest WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
3026THURESON, Francis JosephBrisbane, Queensland
3009TROTTER, William HenryBrisbane, Queensland
VERRY, Reginald HerbertYangan, Queensland
3027WATTERS, ArchibaldChermside via Brisbane, Queensland
3013WEST, Henry FrancisToowoomba, Queensland
3012WHARTON, JohnLismore, New South Wales
3011WILLIAMS, Alan JamesToowoomba, Queensland
3010WILSON, Arthur CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
3016WOLNO, ArthurBrisbane, Queensland
3014WOOD, William RobertsonGrafton, New South Wales
3015WOTHERSPOON, Barclay ScottLismore, New South Wales
3018YOUNG, HemBrisbane, Queensland

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