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9th Battalion, 14th Reinforcement

AWM Roll number: 23/26/4

  1. From Brisbane, Queensland on board HMAT A62 Wandilla on 31 January 1916

4639ADAM, John YouranLaidley, Queensland
4443ALTERATOR, Henry RichardScone, New South Wales
4442APPS, Richard HenryAlumny Creek, Grafton, New South Wales
4444ARMFIELD, Theodore BertramByron Bay, New South Wales
4445BAIN, DonaldBrisbane, Queensland
BAKER-FINCH, ArthurMurgon, Queensland
4446BARNES, Cecil RobertWellington Street, Petrie Terrace, Brisbane, Queensland
4447BARRIE, WilliamGeorge Street, South Townsville, Queensland
4450BEAL, Sydney GeorgeRanferley Street, Newtown Toowoomba, Queensland
4448BERRY, Alan Ogle97 Young Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria
4452BLATCHFORD, George ThomasDallarnil, Childers, Queensland
4607BOASE, John MatthewLismore, New South Wales
4449BOORE, Charles WilliamTaree, New South Wales
4459BOREHAM, Charles RaymondIngham, Queensland
4451BOURKE, EdwardToowoomba, Queensland
4453BOYLE, Charles LawrenceLawrence, Clarence River, New South Wales
4455BRADLEY, EdwardCampion Street, Mount Morgan, Queensland
4456BRIGGS, Francis Cloudly CurtissRanges Valley, New South Wales
4458BURGESS, Clarence HenryWard Street, Maryborough, Queensland
4457BURKE, Ulick ThomasMount Byron Esk, Queensland
4460BUTCHER, John LewisBurringbar, Tweed River, New South Wales
4633BUZZA, HughTownsville, Queensland
4471CALVERT, William JamesPeachester Beerwah, NC Line, Queensland
4462CAMERON, Arthur DouglasBrisbane, Queensland
4461CAMPBILL, ErnestClarencetown, New South Wales
4430CARSTENS, Charles HenryPetrie, North C Line, Queensland
4641CASEY, JamesBrisbane, Queensland
4463CLAYDON, Herbert JohnBrisbane, Queensland
4475CLEAVER, Walter EugeneGotha Street, Valley, Brisbane, Queensland
4472CLOUGHLEY, Joseph HoracePrince Street, Thompson Estate, Brisbane, Queensland
4464COATES, John HenryNorwood Street, Toowoomba, Queensland
4608COLDICOTT, John ClarenceBrisbane, Queensland
4469COLLIER, FrederickMaleny NC Line, Queensland
4474CONNORS, Erice SylvesterGotha Street, Valley, Brisbane, Queensland
4467CORCORAN, PatrickToowoomba, Queensland
4466CORCORAN, Samuel JosephBrisbane, Queensland
4473COTTERELL, William GeorgeBrunswick Street Valley, Brisbane, Queensland
4470COTTON, EdwardToowoomba, Queensland
4465COX, EphramTownsville, Queensland
4429CRISFORD, George StonehamGrafton, New South Wales
4624CUDDIHY, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
4476DAVY, John WilliamToowoomba, Queensland
4477DAVIES, Charles LlewellynToowoomba, Queensland
4478DAVIES, Ernest ClarkeToowoomba, Queensland
4479DAVIES, William HowellToowoomba, Queensland
4481DE WELDON, William Francis PatrickLutwiche, Brisbane, Queensland
4609DEARDON, VerdenTownsville, Queensland
4480DUNN, James McIntyreMaryborough, Queensland
4634DUNNETT, Herbert LewisEnoggera, Queensland
4482ECKERSLEY, Walter Alfred DarlingtonNewstead, Brisbane, Queensland
4610ELFVERSON, AlfredBrisbane, Queensland
4483ELLIOTT, RoyBrisbane, Queensland
4484ELSDALE, WilliamToowoomba, Queensland
4485FALCONER, Alexander McArthurLismore, New South Wales
4486FEESEY, Leslie OsborneBrisbane, Queensland
4431FISHER, HemingwayWynnum, Brisbane, Queensland
4647FITZGERALD, Michael JosephEnoggera, Queensland
4487FITZPATRICK, ThomasBangalon Post Office, Bangalon, New South Wales
4611FLANIGAN, WilliamLismore, New South Wales
4488FLOHR, MartinToowoomba, Queensland
4612FRASER, Andrew Christopher JohnTownsville, Queensland
4490FRASER, Edward CharlesPeach Street, Dunellan, Brisbane, Queensland
4489FRENCH, Ernest EdwardLismore, New South Wales
4491GALLAGHER, PatrickBrisbane, Queensland
4495GAMBLE, Thomas AugustineBrisbane, Queensland
4493GARDNER, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
4494GAYLARD, Thomas ValentineRockhampton, Queensland
4492GILLIGAN, JamesBrisbane, Queensland
4496GILVEAR, Alexander SmithGlass House Mountains, Queensland
4625GRANT, WalterBrisbane, Queensland
4623GREEN, Herbert FrankToowoomba, Queensland
4622GREEN, William JamesToowoomba, Queensland
4497GREGORY, Harry CyrilPost Office, Rockhampton, Queensland
4498GRIFFITHS, ArthurRockhampton, Queensland
4432HALL, Arthur ErnestToowoomba, Queensland
4614HALLAM, Wilfred WillisTownsville, Queensland
4499HAMILTON, Simon TaitWarwick, Queensland
4435HAMPSON, Norman HaroldToowoomba, Queensland
4502HANCOCK, ArnoldLismore, New South Wales
4500HANSFORD, William HenryCharters Towers, Queensland
4434HART, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
4501HARVEY, William JosephLismore, New South Wales
4613HATCHETT, PercyTownsville, Queensland
4504HEAD, WarrieToowoomba, Queensland
4505HEADING, James AlfredMurgon, Queensland
4503HENDERS, Henry JamesBrisbane, Queensland
4433HENDERSON, William SpencelyBundaberg, Queensland
4510HETHERINGTON, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
4512HIGMAN, Walter Arthur HoraceWondai, Queensland
4506HILL, MatthewBrisbane, Queensland
4509HOGAN, ThomasToowoomba, Queensland
4508HOGAN, WilliamGoondiwindi, Queensland
4507HOLLOWAY, Ernest JamesRoma, Queensland
4511HOLMES, Ivo Charles JoyToowoomba, Queensland
4640HOSKIN, FrankBrisbane, Queensland
4635HURLEY, James SylvesterRockhampton, Queensland
4515JACOBSON, Benjamin JosephRockhampton, Queensland
4513JEFFERSON, JohnAlfred Street, Valley, Brisbane, Queensland
4514JEFFREY, Robert JamesLismore, New South Wales
4516JONES, WilliamToowoomba, Queensland
4520KELLY, SteveCharters Towers, Queensland
4517KENNEDY, John BrownRockleigh, Brisbane, Queensland
4522KIELLY, PatrickSandgate, Queensland
4521KIELLY, William StephenBrisbane, Queensland
4518KINNEALLY, John AlexanderLismore, New South Wales
4636KNIGHT, HarryTownsville, Queensland
4519KNOWLES, Albert Edward8 Miles Plain via Brisbane, Queensland
4626LAKE, GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
4528LAW, Alfred GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
4523LEE, Harold Francis FrederickRockhampton, Queensland
4527LEWIS, ArthurGladstone, Queensland
4524LEWIS, Stanley JamesToowoomba, Queensland
4530LLEWELLYN, JamesTownsville, Queensland
4437LLOYD, George WilliamToowoomba, Queensland
4525LOADSMAN, Thomas RaymondLismore, New South Wales
4531LOGAN, AlbertBrisbane, Queensland
4438LONGWILL, Lachlan IrvinPensland, Queensland
4529LORD, William EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
4526LUMSDEN, CecilLismore, New South Wales
4535MACKIE, Robert FrancisBrisbane, Queensland
4533MARLER, Charles EdwinBrisbane, Queensland
4646MASON, ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
4534MATHESON, McKenzieLismore, New South Wales
4615MAYES, Joseph LaddToowoomba, Queensland
4541McCRACKEN, Robert AlexanderTownsville, Queensland
4544McDONALD, DonaldBrisbane, Queensland
4637McLAUGHLIN, William PartickBrisbane, Queensland
4543McLEAN, DonaldCasino, New South Wales
4642McLEAN, ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
4542McLEOD, NormanRockhampton, Queensland
McNAUGHT, John FrederickToowong, Brisbane, Queensland
4536MILLICAN, Edward PhilipsonTownsville, Queensland
4540MOLONEY, JamesBrisbane, Queensland
4532MOLONEY, Michael JamesBrisbane, Queensland
4537MONEGAL, WilliamLismore, New South Wales
4627MORTON, SydneyBrisbane, Queensland
4538MULRONEY, Stephen JohnLismore, New South Wales
4628MUNDT, John AugustBrisbane, Queensland
4546NICOL, TomTownsville, Queensland
4440NISBET, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
O'SULLIVAN, FrancisSandgate, Brisbane, Queensland
4547OGILVIE, George DuncanToowoomba, Queensland
4548OGSTON, JamesTownsville, Queensland
4549ONEILL, Reuben BenjaminTownsville, Queensland
4551PALMER, William GeorgeLismore, New South Wales
4630PARKER, Joseph GeoffreyBrisbane, Queensland
4553PARRY, George Allan EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
4554PEACH, PercyBrisbane, Queensland
4552PENRIDGE, FosterTownsville, Queensland
4550PESTELL, Cecil RobertLismore, New South Wales
4638PETERSEN, TheodoreBrisbane, Queensland
4629POWELL, David ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
4555QUAILEY, ThomasLismore, New South Wales
4617QUIRK, Timothy JamesRockhampton, Queensland
4556RANKIN, Ernest Charles DavidLismore, New South Wales
4557RANN, FrederickLismore, New South Wales
4631REID, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
4558RILEY, William MichaelLismore, New South Wales
4616RIORDAN, John RiverstoneLismore, New South Wales
4563RIVERS, Henry ThomasTownsville, Queensland
4560ROLES, John WestleyRockhampton, Queensland
4559ROWLINGS, Myles FrancisToowoomba, Queensland
4562RUSSELL, AlbertBrisbane, Queensland
4565SAUNDERS, Henry FrancisTownsville, Queensland
4579SHEIL, ClaudeBrisbane, Queensland
4567SHEIL, Denis ArchibaldBrisbane, Queensland
4585SIMPSON, Arthur WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
4583SIMPSON, Claude CharlesToowoomba, Queensland
4568SIMPSON, David AlexanderBrisbane, Queensland
4566SLADE, JamesBrisbane, Queensland
4621SLEEP, Austin JamesLismore, New South Wales
4572SMITH, EdwinBrisbane, Queensland
4569SMITH, George SamuelBrisbane, Queensland
4571SMITH, Henry JohnRockhampton, Queensland
4570SMITH, William Henry TobiceToowoomba, Queensland
4581SNEATH, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
4574SOWDEN, Ronald AlexanderBrisbane, Queensland
4582SPARKS, William DonaldBrisbane, Queensland
4564SPEARRITT, FrankTownsville, Queensland
4573SQUIRES, DuncanBrisbane, Queensland
4578STEPHENSON, Martin ConradBrisbane, Queensland
4580STEVENS, George CharlesToowoomba, Queensland
4584STEVENSON, RobertRockhampton, Queensland
4575STUART, Leslie JamesToowoomba, Queensland
4576SULLIVAN, JamesBrisbane, Queensland
4577SWEEDMAN, Frederick JohnToowoomba, Queensland
4586SWITZER, Godfrey GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
4618TILGHMAN, Philip FrancisLismore, Queensland
4587TOY, CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
4589TRAXLER, Charles EdwinBrisbane, Queensland
4590VOYSEY, Albert JohnBrisbane, Queensland
4591WALKER, Christie LewisBrisbane, Queensland
4594WALSH, George DonaldRockhampton, Queensland
4595WALSH, Thomas Bernard JosephBrisbane, Queensland
4599WARREN, AlbertBrisbane, Queensland
4600WARREN, Leslie Joseph LambertLismore, New South Wales
4441WATSON, William CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
4593WATT, Martin JamesToowoomba, Queensland
4592WATTS, Edwin CharlesTownsville, Queensland
4620WEISS, Thomas HenryTownsville, Queensland
4598WHITE, Charles ParkBrisbane, Queensland
4597WHITE, George WilfredBrisbane, Queensland
WHITE, Ralph MoretonChelmer, Brisbane, Queensland
4605WHITE, WilliamTownsville, Queensland
4602WHYATT, FrederickLismore, New South Wales
4606WILCOX, Albert EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
4603WILLIAMS, HerbertMaryborough, Queensland
4619WILLIAMS, Norman GladstoneRockhampton, Queensland
749WILSON, Thomas *Brisbane, Queensland
4601WINTER, RichardBrisbane, Queensland
4604WOTHERSPOON, Francis TownsLismore, New South Wales

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